Iron City Management

Interim management & consultancy

Iron City is a nickname for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Pittsburghers are proud of what they represent: no-nonsense, unpretentious and loyal citizens. In this town Piet Roelse met his wife and it is where his first child was born. He choose this name not only because of sentimental reasons, but also because the character of the city and its people fits him and his work style.

The nickname Iron City or also Steel City refers to the town's long history of steel production dating back to the early 1800's. Its location at the meeting of three major rivers and its proximity to natural resources (iron ore, coal, natural gas) were key factors for the success in this industry, which came to an end in the early 1980's due to foreign competition and depletion of resources. Today U.S. Steel, the largest steel company in the USA, is still headquartered in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is also very loyal to and proud of its sports teams, most notably its football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. During their 1970's dynasty years the front four of their defensive line were aptly called the Steel Curtain, a play on the phrase "Iron Curtain" popularized by Winston Churchill. The team, which has had only three coaches since 1969, is sometimes referred to as the last loyal team in sports. The team won six Superbowls, most recently in 2009.

In 1861 a young German immigrant used the the nickname when he started brewing beer. The brand Iron City Beer has survived various companies and is still around today.